Rolex watch craft - constant balance wheel

The constant swing pendulum is the basic component of each oyster rolex replica uk, also the classic design of rolex replica, this design in 2011 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the advent of modern watchmaking history set an important milestone. This by Rolex in 1931 invented the automatic winding system, only a very mild wrist swing will be able to get energy, the movement into the movement, so that the watch continued constant motion. In addition, this device allows the wearer to establish a direct contact with the watch. When the watchmaker opened the Oyster case, he first saw is the constant motion pendulum Tuo, the half-moon automatic rotation around the central axis of free rotation, the automatic winding device will be intertwined with the pendulum operation and intermittent hide Or show off, let a glimpse of the famous automatic loop round, its unique red design and other gold gear in contrast. In the timing of the movement of the automatic Tuo, the watchmaker can also see the watch model capitalization, such as engraved red "DAYTONA" words and blue "YACHT-MASTERII" words. The shape and color harmony and coordination, modification quality is flawless. Even hidden in the watch case, this device is still showing the characteristics of the brand logo, elegant and charming. Tabulation revolution A closer look at the simple lines of the Tuo Tuo, it is not difficult to think of Rolex eight decades in the history of the watch made a number of important milestones. In 1931, the brand invented the famous device, not only for the self-winding watch movement into the power, the whole watch industry to bring revolutionary changes. This innovative design is assembled in the automatic watch chain of modern watch, it brings the amazing impact, so that it won the technical model, clever masterpiece and other reputation. Get energy from the wearer The eternal operation of the constant motion pendulum, in all the evolution and improvement process has remained unchanged: only a very mild wrist swing, half-moon automatic turkey will be driven by the gravity of the Earth's axis of free and quiet operation. Pendulum rotation will produce the kinetic energy through the gear on the chain device, sent to the continuous winding of the winding. After wearing the watch, the winding will be stored and "permanently" release the mechanical movement required for the operation of the energy. In order to improve efficiency, the red automatic loopback wheel can be chained in any direction of rotation, and this device, which was introduced in 1959, has become a distinctive feature of the constant motion. Once the winding reaches the maximum tension, the chronograph clutch wheel will stop the chain, to prevent the winding due to excessive damage to the chain. When you do not wear a watch, the winding chain can provide two days of power reserve, cosmic models Dietong, Sky-Dweller and yacht Mirage II models up to 72 hours. \ Quasi-comfortable Constant swing pendulum for the wearer to bring three major benefits: First, do not often manually for the watch chain; Second, the automatic winding system will continue for the winding on the chain, so as to ensure that the watch more accurate and regular regulation device ; Finally, the surface of the waterproof performance significantly improved, because it helps to avoid the daily loose and tighten the crown on the crown and make the waterproof system wear. In addition to these three benefits, there is a more abstract and emotional advantages: have a magic as minutes and seconds, day and night running the watch, so that the wearer and its time to establish a long and inseparable relationship. Exhaustion of the oyster-style watch constant motion pendulum of the invention was a major breakthrough, the results were unimaginable at that time. In about 20 years, from the first watch in 1910 was awarded the Observatory watch certification, to the first in 1926 Oyster-style waterproof watch launch, and even in 1931 the modern automatic wrist watch, Rolex and its founder Hans Wellsdorf (HansWilsdorf) three times to bring the watch revolution, cited the same precision watch, strong, waterproof and "constant move." Constant swing pendulum to improve the accuracy of the watch and waterproof, while wearing comfortable and comfortable to further improve the concept of Oyster-style watch. Eternal pulse Constant move pendulum let Rolex successfully solved the watchmaker has long been a concern. About 1770, by the Abraham - Louis Bertley (Abraham-LouisPe rl l et) or Hubert Sutton (HubertSarton) (experts who have different views for the inventor) created by the self-winding pocket watch, through With automatic Tuo of the rotor system, to obtain the activities of the wearer when the energy generated, and then pocket watch on the chain. However, the wearer's swing on the operation of pocket watch little effect. To improve the efficiency of the chain, the use of alternating movement of the system came into being. One of the system's pendulum path is limited by the impact of the collision and the rebound, thus strengthening the back and forth action. British watchmaker John Harwood (JohnHarwood) in 1924 for the first time the system will be used in the watch. Although this system can be applied to pocket watch, but because of the sub-section based on the chain action is too rough, so the watch does not apply. However, Rolex founder came up with clever solution, he asked the technical team to join the watch in the automatic winding system, the assembly of the rotor can be Free to rotate 360 degrees without vibration, so that this design is more suitable for watch use. After years of research and development, Rolex in the reliability and effectiveness of the results gradually, and eventually in 1931 to produce a complete constant swing pendulum. Unparalleled symbol of excellence This achievement can be said to achieve all the wishes: constant move pendulum Tuo launched an unprecedented success, a symbol of excellence watchmaking process. The patented self-winding system until 1948 is still the exclusive design of Rolex, and Oyster-style case even after the brand fame. When the patent period after the end of this design is widely used by the public, the entire watch industry have adopted in the industry quickly spread. Constant move pendulum to the wearer in the gestures and oyster-style watch the pulse of interconnected. This device has been in the past eight decades has been the development of extraordinary, I believe in the future can also be stable operation. \ Technology and production Pendulum Tuo can fully play its chain of kinetic energy depends on several elements. First of all, automatic Tuo must be heavier and better. To do this, Rolex will generally use a particularly high density tungsten alloy, to ensure that the size of the small automatic Tuo can still show excellent dynamic performance. Then, the automatic center of gravitation must be as close as possible to the edge of the location, its operation must not be blocked by the movement or case. Finally, the watch must be chained as soon as possible but not excessive, because the active wearers such as athletes, their actions will make to prevent the winding over the chain of the clutch wheel operation too much. In fact, compared with the jogging and sitting all day before the desk wearer, the amount of activity between the two can be separated by 300 times, it can be seen, to maintain the delicate balance of the activities of the chain is very important, so the chain device In any case can operate reliably. Bill: Production and assembly Bill Manufacturing is responsible for the production and assembly of the various components of the automatic winding system. And each component is the first type of re-processing, and then by the inspection, monitoring and verification. In Bill and the various departments of the company, every detail is very important, and the studio is also the pursuit of perfection and meticulous spirit-based. For example, the two pairs of aluminum anodized to the oxidation of the automatic loop back to show the same bright red tones. The next step is to assemble the various components of the chain system, which are carefully monitored, in particular by limiting the axial clearance (the axial clearance between the end of the moving part and the bearing or gemstone) to between 15 and 45 microns. This mechanical process is subject to the supervision of the operator under the supervision of the relevant personnel can be detected by the naked eye all the deviation. In the lubrication of the chain device, experience and expertise are also indispensable. This extremely sophisticated process, with very small needles, the staff need to monitor the machine next to the moment. In another studio, the technician assembles the automatic tuo and then connects it to the chain device. After many operating procedures, put Tuo formal shape. And the last is to check whether the device can freely turn, and the appearance is flawless. Geneva: Assembly case and final monitoring Subsequently, the pendulum was transported by Bill to the manufacturing facility in Acacia. There, the watch will finish the final number of assembly steps. First of all, put the Tuo will be fitted into the movement inside the case. Then, check whether the device is free to rotate and screw the bottom cover with screws. After that, the hidden warp will pass the rotation test (Cyclotest), which is designed for its last energy on the last test, that is, detection device from the wrist activities to obtain and store energy capacity. To this end, the watch must be placed on the shelf, in a two-way way to slowly rotate for 27 minutes. During this time, the winding should be fully covered, to ensure that the movement can be normal operation for at least 6 hours.